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aprentas Hostels and Accommodation

aprentas has professionally run hostels for apprentices from outside the Basel region and accommodation for trainees and students at three locations in Muttenz and Basel. The staff of aprentas offer the residents a framework for living together and create an atmosphere and environment that are conducive to the successful completion of their apprenticeship, internship or studies.

We look after the young people, support, motivate and encourage them in their personal and professional development. We place particular emphasis on the personal responsibility of each individual, on independent action and on the commitment of the residents in their daily life together.

The residents of the Kilchmatt residence are exclusively apprentices from Switzerland and neighbouring countries. The Hofacker hostel and the "Shared Living Klybeck" accommodation also have rooms for students and interns.

aprentas Hostels - Hofacker, Kilchmatt and Shared Living Klybeck



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