Career Information

It is not always easy and self-evident for apprenticeship companies to receive enough suitable applications. That is why aprentas is committed to providing vocational information in the interest of its member companies and organises information events and trial days for pupils from the 8th school year and above. The information events are primarily focused on scientific jobs in the laboratory and in production. They also provide information on technical and commercial vocational training at aprentas, the requirements, range of apprenticeships and the application procedure. aprentas offers trial days with typical activities for three science professions, the commercial profession (Federal VET Diploma) and three technical professions – Automation Engineer (Federal VET Diploma), Computer Scientist (Federal VET Diploma) and Polytechnician (Federal VET Diploma).

Furthermore, aprentas has contact to vocational studies trainers in the region. As part of the preparatory teaching for career choices, aprentas works together with schools to organise information events for groups on the different training courses in the school laboratory. aprentas employees from different specialist areas are often also invited to schools to inform pupils and their teachers about the different training courses and the requirements for an apprenticeship.

Comprehensive information on apprenticeships with details on the different training models offered by aprentas and the apprenticeships offered by member companies is available on the internet and in brochures. Individual enquiries will also be answered via telephone and e-mail. aprentas has a stand at the trade fairs in Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft.



Martin Oppliger