aprentas has three training centres in Muttenz, Schweizerhalle and Basel. They are all equipped with everything required for ideal and comprehensive training: training laboratories and a training plant for chemical and pharmaceutical technicians, training workshops and teaching offices, and teaching rooms for information technology and theory that have various auditoriums.

aprentas also has a teaching laboratory in Neuhausen am Rheinfall where apprentices from five companies are taught the basic practical skills required for working as a laboratory technician (Federal VET Diploma) in the subject area of Chemistry.

At its teaching laboratory in Bern, aprentas runs inter-company courses for apprentices training to become laboratory technicians (Federal VET Diploma) in the subject areas of Biology and Chemistry. 

Apprentices and trainees who are not from the region can live in one of the three aprentas hostels in Basel or Muttenz during the apprenticeship or traineeship.