Further Vocational Training and Higher Vocational Education Courses

The further vocational training offer at aprentas covers courses and seminars in the area of laboratories, production, vocational training, leadership and personality development as well as occupational safety and health protection.

In the area of further vocational training, we run a course at the higher technical school with the title “Qualified Technician, Subject Area of Systems Technology, Focus on Pharmaceutical and Chemical Technology”.

At the level of the Federal and Advanced Diplomas of Higher Education, we offer the following courses: "Specialist in Occupational Safety and Health Protection (ASGS), Federal Diploma of Higher Education", Scientific Laboratory Technician, Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education and, new from 2021, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technologist, Federal Diploma of Higher Education. 

Company-specific training needs are covered by customised company courses that are developed in close cooperation with the client.



Marko Brumec