Production Professions

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technologist, Federal VET Diploma

(former job title: chemical technician)

At the Schweizerhalle training centre, aprentas trains around 80 chemical and pharmaceutical technologists in an apprenticeship company, technical centre, laboratory and modern training rooms.

The practical and theoretical training has the following main focuses:

  • Communicating basic theoretical knowledge in chemistry, applied mathematics and general education in our vocational training school
  • Theme-oriented, modular training: the communication of the theoretical training goals is supported with practical work in the laboratories and technical centre
  • Practical training in our training plant
  • Consolidating and developing practical specialist knowledge in the apprenticeship companies

In the vocational training school, the apprentices receive training in general and job-specific subjects. The vocational training school forms part of the training centre in Muttenz and helps to enhance learning by aligning theory and practical lessons.
Regular contact with the teachers in the apprenticeship companies enables the training to be optimised on a regular basis and ensures the quality.

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Konrad Bruttel