Attending the Vocational Training School

About 250 future laboratory technicians (Federal VET Diploma) in the subject areas of Chemistry and Biology, and around 80 future chemical and pharmaceutical technologists (Federal VET Diploma), attend the aprentas vocational training school at the Muttenz Training Centre. As well as teaching in job-related subjects, general education, foreign languages, sport and elective subjects, various school events such as camps, project weeks, sports day or lectures also take place.

Please contact us via if you wish to receive timetables or the list of abbreviations. 


Apprentices are responsible for following the absence procedures at the aprentas vocational training school. No distinction is made between absences due to illness or appointments. Apprentices who miss 15% of the teaching or cannot demonstrate sufficient performance measurements will be asked to take a semester test (post-qualification). This enables us to ensure that they have subsequently covered the material that they originally missed.

Please register absences in SchulNetz


Apprentices are expected to bring a laptop or tablet with them to lessons. This mobile device is an integral component of the lesson. Some apprenticeship companies provide their apprentices with a personal laptop. This may be used in the vocational training school with the agreement of the teaching personnel and trainers. 

Important: please familiarise yourself with the minimum requirements before purchasing a device.


The aprentas vocational training school offers extra classes in addition to normal teaching. Apprentices whose chances of success are in jeopardy receive new impulses through individual or group learning support to help them successfully complete the qualification process.

The class teachers inform and advise the apprentices about the extra classes available. It is fundamentally possible to receive support in all three training years.


Apprentices on a vocational training course at the Muttenz training centre have the opportunity to participate in meetings and discuss, across year groups and via selected class representatives, issues, ideas, suggestions, problems etc. related to their training at aprentas.

Goals and tasks:

  • Helping to design the training
  • Motivating apprentices to show initiative 
  • Promoting social skills and self-competence
  • Providing an insight into decision-making processes 
  • Increasing the acceptance of decisions made 
  • Enabling exchanges between the different training years and vocational groups 
  • Creating and reinforcing a sense of solidarity
  • Solving problems in everyday apprenticeship training across different training years and vocational groups

Contact: Jürg Müller, Tel.: +41 61 468 17 66,


Vocational trainers can receive detailed information on training their apprentices (e.g. course programmes, dates or training content) via the vocational trainers homepage.

A personal login with a password is required for access. For new registrations or problems, please contact:

Training – laboratory technicians
Ms. Natalija Flück,

Training - production (chemical and pharmaceutical technologists)
Mr. Markus Gut,


The media centre in the Muttenz training centre is open to all apprentices and employees of aprentas. Individuals can register at any time by presenting an identification card. After registration, they will receive a personal, non-transferable user card that enables them to use the media centre.

Opening times of the media centre:

Monday to Friday 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

On-site hours of the media centre librarian:

Tuesday and Thursday 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Gabriela Schneider, tel.: +41 61 468 17 63,

Media can be borrowed during opening hours when the media centre librarian is there or via self-checkout (form).



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